Outdoors has its advantages. This looks like a serious jungle, but it was just The Redhead's Garden.

Be Prepared:


Have the camera handy and ready to go, needing only to be switched on. Then you can get "targets of opportunity," like this:

or this (Charles, Jeff Cooper's cat):

or this:

For once, because Bear was surrounded with a light object, the basket, there was enough light on him. Almost a roll was taken, and he had this expression only once.

If I hadn't had my camera handy I wouldn't have gotten this picture of Arthur eating my tie.


This was definitely a Target of Opportunity. Arthur began rolling on the floor, and I got the camera, which is always near.

Another Target of Opportunity. The odds of getting Emerald (our left) and Arthur in one frame in the same stance like this is close to winning the lottery.

° Reward the cats with cat treats during and after every photo session. If they associate the camera with cat treats, they'll be a lot more photogenic when it comes out:

Emerald, as noted, is so photogenic, you just have to get her to look where you want. At this point she is looking at a Pounce Cat Treat. She will do anything for a Pounce.

To get Arthur to do this I put butter on my nose.

But to get Emerald to do this I DIDN'T give her Pounce when she wanted it


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2. DOGS:

Dogs are both easier and harder to photograph than cats. They respond well to outdoors locations, but they're often harder to keep still.

The above took most of a roll to accomplish, and it still isn't perfect. I was criticized for showing Browning's rear end (dog puritans?)

That was the least of my problems. Most of the roll was unusable because I didn't notice Browning was showing something else:

But a well-trained dog will sit:

or STAY:

Sometimes you can get dogs and cats together, like this time when new kitten RT took Browning's bed, leaving him with the smaller bed. I don't think Browning was happy about it.

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